Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We made our last visit to Kazakhstan last week.  We spent 3 days there and had a great time.  On P-Day we took the missionaries into the desert where we hiked the Kazak's version of the Grand Canyon.  Dad and I kept commenting to each other that it felt so much like we were in AZ.  

This is the prettiest sky I've seen in 3 years.  The sky also reminded us of AZ.  This rock looked like a wrecked spaceship or something.

The Nomads in the desert live in Yurta's.  At the bottom of the canyon next to the river a nice family let us enter their private yurta for a group photo.

Outside the yurta.  Elder Harker, Elder Brandenburg, Sister Smith, Sister Zhumazhanova, Elder Kruglyak, and Elder Baxter.  What a fun bunch of people and outstanding missionaries.

On the way back to Almaty we stopped at the biggest rip off Golden Eagle Musuem ever.  Dad had read about it on the internet and was hot on going there.  I guess getting this photo with the eagle was worth the tenge (money) it cost.

This decayed mountain goat was part of the museum exhibit.  It was pretty scary.

Our very last zone conference ever.  We met the Shaws this trip.  They are the senior couple that live in Astana all by themselves.  The only other member in the city is a Mongolian sister.  They are from Rexburg, ID and are good good people.  Sunday was an emotional day for me.  I spoke in church and afterwards I had to tell the branch members and my missionaries goodbye.  (sob, sob, sob)
Friday we went to the huge bazaar in Almaty.  It was a hot day.  I wonder if wearing a huge cabbage leaf will work for Dad and I in the AZ heat?  It might be worth a try.

We took the cable car up to the top of this hill and stood in the area where Elder Nelson stood when he dedicated the country of Kazakhstan to the preaching of the Gospel.  This is the view of Almaty from that spot.  It was wonderful to see mountains again.

There was a zoo park up there too and we were lucky enough to see this beautiful peacock strut around for awhile.  

There were also several of these "clover hearts" on the grounds.  I heart hearts--but you already know that.


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That is a pretty cool trip. it sounds like a lot of fun. was it cold enough to wear the big hats or was that just for the picture. Eagle looks good though.

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