Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We picked up our last group of missionaries.   This is the first time we have had Americans come to MWM since they quit calling them about a year ago because of all the visa problems.  The USA double passports were an answer to our prayers.  Elders:  Minokov, Putnum, Borodin, Smith, Prestwich, Nutt, Russell & Cannon (AP's).  Sisters:  Corbett, Ionina, and Zhumazhanova.

We told 10 missionaries good-bye on the 30th of May.  Wowzers--this was a toughy for Sister Collins.  What an outstanding group--every single one of them.  Elders:  Williams, McKay, Michaelis, Ellsworth, Aitken, Cannon, Terrill, Russell (AP), Pollard, Despain, & Rosenhan (AP).  Sister Jenson was well looked after on her flight home.  All of them except Elder Williams (he lives in the Denver area) flew into the SLC airport.  I can only imagine the joy that was bursting out of that place when their families were reunited with them.

June 1st was a monumental day for us.  We had our last zone conference with all of our missionaries except for the 6 serving in Kazakhstan.  THEN--we had a special missionary meeting with the Moscow mission AND President Uchtdorf AND Elder Andersen and their sweet wives.  I had asked ahead if we could get a group photo with the Apostles, but I was denied so this is of all of us at zone conference that morning.  The missionary meeting was remarkable.  What an unforgettable experience to be taught by Apostles.  I was so proud of our missionaries.  They were spiritually prepared and so reverent.  After that meeting there was a meeting with the Saints.  It, too, was wonderful.  I'm sure the Apostles' visit was evidence that the Lord loves His Russians and the affects will be manifested in the lives of all us who were blessed to hear them teach.

To finish off an unbelievable week----we had visitors.  Warren & Sandy Bradshaw (a Sr. missionary couple we met when they served in Budapest) and Lisa Wegkamp and her married daughter, Laura Cook (they lived in Budapest 4 of the years we were there.  They were there with the FBI) came to see us.  They had been visiting Budapest and stopped by for 4 days before they went to St. Petersburg.  We had a great time.  It was so good to be with them again.  That week zipped by.


Erin said...

how fun to know that it is your last group. But also sad too. We cant wait to have you home. It is coming fast. It looks like a fun time with the visitors. Did you find any new santas at the market?

Lana and Terry said...

I loved all of these pics of your missionaries - both coming and going! I bet your zone conference was wonderful. I can't imagine your feelings these last weeks that you have left -- I'm sure they are very mixed! I will surely miss all of the wonderful pics of Russia and your fabulous missionaries!!

Unknown said...

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