Thursday, June 25, 2009


It doesn't seem that long ago that Andrew and I were getting some sugar from Lily.  She is a sweet girl--that is for sure.

She is an absolute horse lover.  Getting her picture taken with PaPa in front of the horse fountain made her so happy.

She loves to bust some major dance moves no matter where she is.  She is a great little dancer and oh, so cute.

Posing is only one of Lily's talents--even when she is riding--you guessed it--a horse on the carousel.  This girl has personality +

Happy Birthday to you Lily.  We are so glad you were born into our family.  I hope you have saved up some good hugs & kisses for us.  Thanks for your prayers.  You are so sweet to remember us that we will have a safe plane ride home.  We hope your day is way way fun.  We love you tons.  We  miss you like crazy.
Hugs & Kisses
MeMa and PaPa